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Common Causes of Carrier Rope Failure
1. Use of incorrect diameter rope

2. Misalignment of one or more pulleys

3. Incorrect pulley groove profiles

4. Ropes running out of pulley grooves

5. Worn pulley grooves often with sharp edges in the case of brass or aluminium pulleys

6. Pulley grooves not cleared of broke or size / coating deposits

7. Pulleys too small in diameter causing excessive rope flexing

8. Pulleys with seized or partially seized bearings

9. Obstructions or projections in rope path

10. Rope path allowing rope to be soaked in size or coating chemicals

11. Felts rubbing on ropes

12. Ropes crossed

13. Bad or insufficiently tapered splices

14. Tensioners

a) not free moving
b) too short for the rope run leading
c) too undertension
d) excessively weighted
e) insufficiently weighted

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