William Kenyon are the only carrier rope manufacturer offering technical expertise dedicated to the design and implementation of rope systems on paper and board machines. Correctly structured rope systems benefit our customers with optimised threading performance and improved rope life.


Our technicians operate at the forefront of rope system design, utilising tried and tested methods which have benefited paper and board mills worldwide, helping to improve threading and reduce rope related downtime.


Technicians are available to supervise mill supplied fitters installing William Kenyon equipment to ensure rope systems are optimised geometrically to reduce the potential for rope losses and increase tail feeding efficiency.


Surveys are available upon request to evaluate current configurations with written reports to follow, outlining suggested modifications and general improvements as applicable.


We offer general maintenance of rope systems during machine shuts which includes checking and rectifying alignment issues. Pulley and bearing conditions are also monitored, replacing as required, helping relieve pressure on maintenance departments.

For further details or to discuss an evaluation visit in relation to your rope systems, please call 0161 308 6000 or e-mail
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