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New vertical tensioner

Flexible space saving design
Double pulley carriage assembly mounted on rodless cylinders
Heavy duty unit featuring low maintenance construction
Fitted with non corrosive guide pads on the carriage assemblies
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Rope Sample Box

Selection of rope samples with details on size options
Overview of rope threading equipment
Overview of carrier rope accessories
English, French and German language versions
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What causes carrier rope failure?

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Celebrating 150 years

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William Kenyon provides market-leading products and technical services that enable customers to maximise the threading performance of their paper and board machines. We have been at the forefront of carrier rope technology since it was first introduced and we remain the only supplier who can offer the complete package of carrier ropes, system design and equipment.

Applying over 50 years of experience and continual product development, our carrier ropes are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of today’s paper and board makers. Simple to install and maintain, our rope threading equipment is precision engineered from high quality materials. Our products offer reliability, durability and rapid return on investment. Customers all over the world rely on William Kenyon to deliver comprehensive rope threading solutions.

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